Dear future Erasmus+ trainees, come to Slovakia to get a work space in WorkSpace Europe. Come to work with us! 

We are looking for a candidate for a position of communication assistant who will be responsible for daily communication with foreign partners, mostly in EU countries.

This position is perfect for students of business administration, but not only.

Apply today, and experience working on an European project in a pleasant workspacing atmosphere.

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Do you like to play with words?

Would you like to become a Junior Conference Assistant working for a organization active in the field of information and communication technologies?
Or would you rather be a marketing support for company active in real estate sector?

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If you are interested in work with SAP software, submit an application today. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Kira Slobodina, originating in Russia, is a second-year master student of World Politics and International Relations at the University of Pavia, Italy. With the assistance of WorkSpace Europe, Kira took an Erasmus+ internship in the respected NGO and one of the biggest foundations in Slovakia, where she stayed for three months. In this interview Kira talked about her motivations to come to Slovakia, the biggest challenges that met her and her overall experience.