Although more and more Slovaks can speak English, especially the young ones, you might face communication problems in some cases. We highly recommend interns to start learning key Slovak phrases before their arrival. Free basic Slovak language lessons are widely available on the internet. Below you can find a list of useful words and phrases in Slovak:

Formal greetings: Dobré ráno (good morning), Dobrý deň (good afternoon), Dobrý večer (good evening), Dobrú noc (good night), Dovidenia (goodbye)

Informal greetings: Čau (Hi), Ahoj (Hello), Maj sa (see you) 

Mr – Pán / Mrs – Pani

Goodbye – Ahoj, Dovidenia (more polite)

Excuse me – Prepáčte / Pardon

Please – Prosím

Thank you – Ďakujem

How much? – Koľko?

How much is it? – Koľko to stojí?

Sorry – Prepáč

Yes – Áno / No – Nie

My name is – Volám sa

Where is? – Kde je?

Help – Pomoc

I don’t know – Neviem

Nice to meet you – Teší ma

What is this? – Čo je to?

I don’t speak Slovak – Nehovorím po slovensky

Do you speak English? – Hovorite po anglicky?

One ticket please – Jeden lístok prosím.

One ticket to Vienna – Jeden lístok do Viedne.

How will I get to this address? – Ako sa dostanem na túto adresu?

Turn right – Zaboč doprava / Turn left – Zaboč doľava / Go straight – Choď rovno.


The working week in Slovakia usually consists of 40 hours including lunch breaks. Monday to Friday are usually divided into 8 hour days with lunch breaks (30-60 minutes), taken between 11am – 2pm.

Bank holidays:

1 January: Day of the Establishment of the Slovak Republic

6 January: Epiphany / The Three Magi

March/April: Good Friday

March/April: Easter Monday

1 May: International Workers' Day

8 May: Day of victory over fascism

5 July: St. Cyril and Methodius Day

29 August: Slovak National Uprising

1 September: Day of the Constitution

15 September: Day of Blessed Virgin Mary, Patron Saint of Slovakia

1 November: All Saints' Day

17 November: Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day

24 December: Christmas Eve

25 December: Christmas Day

26 December: St. Stephen's Day

Useful phone numbers:

112 Emergency – 112 is the principle emergency phone number which can be dialled in all European Union member states, including Slovakia.

Other services can be reached as follows:
150 fire brigade / 155 ambulance / 158 police / 159 city police


Prices vary greatly in Slovakia, depending on the region and the size of the town/city. The monthly rent for a standard level one bedroom flat can vary from 300€ to 450€ per month depending on the city (Bratislava or smaller towns) and also the location within the city. Sharing a flat is a cheaper option, which we recommend as the most suitable type of accommodation during your placement. Renting one room in a three bedroom flat varies from 150€ per month to 250€ per month. Transport across the country is usually very cheap, train tickets are less than 1€ for distances lower than 20kms and approximately 19€ for distances up to 500kms. (A minimum monthly budget of 400€ is usually a sufficient amount to cover accommodation, transportation and basic living costs when based in Bratislava for example).