Slovakia is a flourishing stable democracy with a developing modern market economy, making it one of the highest economic growth rate countries in the European Union.

Placement Slovakia work placements are available throughout the year in English speaking companies of all sizes, both Slovak and well-known International corporations in a wide variety of industries. Placements are available in Bratislava and throughout Slovakia and offer valuable practical experience for participants to improve and develop their skill sets.

Trainees will enjoy lower living costs, plenty of opportunities for cultural/social life, the ability to travel to other neighbouring European cities (Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Krakow) and the ability to explore Slovakia’s rich history and unspoilt nature.

Explore Slovakia's 8 governing regions:

Bratislava | Trnava | Trencín | Nitra Žilina | Banská Bystrica | Prešov | Košice



Bratislava region

Slovakia's capital and largest city, Bratislava rests on both sides of the River Danube bordering both Austria and Hungary. Once the coronation city of the Kings of Hungary, Bratislava is an old world gem that represents the political, cultural and economic centre of Slovakia. This beguiling city headquarters many of Slovakia's large business and financial institutions, a mix of contemporary and traditional, the enchanting cobbled streets of Bratislava’s old town preserve the heritage of a city so rich in character.


Trnava region

Slovakia's oldest free royal borough, Trnava, known as 'Slovakia's Rome' was the church capital of the Kingdom of Hungary for several centuries and it now the centre of a dynamically developing region stretching between Bratislava and Nitra. A monument reserve town, Trnava preseves its art and music heritage by advancing its creative culture through art events of regional character, to festivals with international participation. It is a quaint university town infused with a blend of distinctive architectural styles and artistic impressions.


Trencin region

Known as Slovakia's 'City of Fashion', Trenčín is home to a magnificent Slovak architectural icon: Trenčín castle. Built upon a bronze age settlement site inhabiting Celt, Germanic and Slavic tribes, the castle stands proud above walls and passageways that carve out this distinctive city. Sitting at the centre of the Považie region, Trenčín neighbours a plethora of rural splendor and the famous spa city of Trenčianske Teplice. Popular for cyclo-tourism and horse riding, Trenčín is renowned for its football and ice-hockey successes and 'Pohoda', Slovakia's most popular music festival.


Nitra region

Slovakia's vine growing region and former princely seat of the Great Moravian Empire, Nitra sits at the foot of the Zobor Mountain in the valley of the river Nitra. With its rich history and vibrant culture, Nitra is one of the most popular places to visit in Slovakia, hosting Slovakia's classical music concert and a plethora of international art exhibitions. Fully embracing its unprecidented natural beauty and riches, Nitra is home to the Zobor National Nature Reserve and Jelenska Gastanica, boasting hiking paths, chestnut forests and a wealth of historical structures.


Zilina region

The main industrial hub of the upper Vár region, Žilina represents Slovakia's North West business centre with its fast growing economy within the large retail, construction and transport engineering sectors. This region provides a glorious gateway to the Carpathians and beyond, housing a mirage of key interest points including Bojnice Castle, Strečno, Orava, and the folk villages of Čičmany and Vlkolínec. With skiing in The High Tatras, caving at Belianska and water-sporting in Ružomberok, this region encompasses the best of outdoor splendor.

Banská Bystrica

Banska Bystrica region

Slovakia's former mining town and centre of Slovak National Uprising, 'Copper Bystrica' is located on the lowland valleys of the Hron River, encircled by an array of mountain ranges including the Low Tatras. A municipal cultural reservation, Banská Bystrica’s economy focuses on the tourism, timber and mechanical sectors with a municipal strategy of economic future development within the cultural heritage, IT and infrastructure industries. Famous for Špania Dolina, the jewel of folk architecture and dogsled racing, Banská Bystrica is home to well preserved gothic, renaissance and baroque nobleman mansions, town houses and theatres.


Presov region

Known as 'Athens Upon Torysa' and 'Slovak Seattle', Prešov is home to some of Europe's most lyrical landscapes, showcasing concerts, operas and stage plays in a city famous for its arts culture and collection of Baroque, Rococo and Soviet architectural styles. Prešov, once a successful salt mining city, has world admired opal mines and significant clothing, mechanical and electrical engineering industries. Home to the first Jewish Synagogue and the UNESCO medieval town of Bardejov, Prešov is popular for handball, Andy Warhol museum and spectacular hiking trails.


Kosice region

Slovakia's second largest city, important industrial centre and economic hub of the East, Košice borders Hungary and houses an array of architectural jewels. Spiš Castle and St. Elizabeth Cathedral, both notable European iconic structures lay within this region, which is famous worldwide for its Peace Marathon, the second oldest annual marathon in the world. Košice's spring music festival and festival of contemporary art are held in this melting pot city that is lined with burgher houses, palaces, theatres and galleries.

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