We realize that foreign trainees do not decide for an Erasmus internship in Slovakia to learn Slovak language, that is why all our opportunities are with English as a working language and we pay high attention to the internship quality to maximize the value of practical experience in line with their professional specialization, where they can use and develop their skill sets in practice.

Withing Placement Slovakia Programme we organize only Erasmus+ internships, which are unpaid - trainees do not get salary by their host organization.

We arrange 2 types of internships determined by the duration and the associated benefits:


  • COMPANY INTERNSHIPS - are placements in companies with the minimum duration of 5 months. Trainees applying for company internships are provided with accommodation free of charge on the top of our standard support
  • NGO INTERNSHIPS - are placements in Non-profit organizations with the minimum duration of 2 months. Trainees applying for NGO internships get our standard support but no additional financial or in kind benefits.

We arrange internships throughout the whole year.  The start can be any month as long as we have enough time to organize the administration and required logistics in advance.

What host organisations?
We place trainees in companies and Non-profit organizations in a wide variety of industries and of all sizes. They are Slovak,  foreign or well-known international corporations or NGOs.   In most cases the host companies hosted our trainees before.

What regions?
Our placements are in the capital city Bratislava and throughout Slovakia in its different regions. We focus on internship locations  in/or close to cities/towns, where trainees have good possibilities for their social life.

What Industries?
We arrange internships in almost all industries, for example:
Business Administration, NGOs, Business Management, Economic/Finance, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Tourism/Hotels, Design, Logistics, Engineering (mechanical, electrical, process, etc.), Import/Export, IT, Journalism, Agriculture, and many other.

What language?
We host trainees from all countries, however all must speak good English.
95% of our internships are with English working language.  There are some positions where other languages such as German, French or Spanish are required.

Please mind that our internships are unpaid, trainees do not get salary. However trainees receive Erasmus+ grants and these are usually sufficient to cover all basic living expenses in Slovakia.